Пријем генералног секретара Културно-просветне заједнице Србије ... Изградња постројења за пречишћавање отпадних вода града Смедерева Састанак градоначелника са представницима ПКЦ-а У парку Три хероја обележен Дан ослобођења Смедерева

Програм прекограничне сарадње Србије и Румуније - Енглески језик


The Project






the City of Smederevo implements in cooperation with Municipality of Ghilad, Romania under realization of Interreg-IPA Cross Border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme, financed by European Union, under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II).


Common challenge of the programme area which we want to tackle by this Action is lack of awareness among youth for extra-curricular sports activities, after conducting an extremely unhealthy lifestyle at a young age. Today's young people go to school because they must, not because they like. They spend time mostly in front of television and computers, and there is an evident lack of physical activity among youth in Cross-border  Region.


The Overall objective of the Project is to improve conditions for healthy growth and development of young people in Cross-border region, through improved public infrastructure and promotion of sports. The Project approach is support to young people in cross-border Region through envisaged activities that are implemented during the project, such as: Educational events for youth, exchange of experiences among teachers and decision makers in local community, Organization of summer camps for youth, elaboration of technical documentation for closed swimming pool in Smederevo and construction of water center for children in Ghilad, raising awareness through media campaign and promotional material.


 The Specific objectives of this action are:  


  1. To encourage young people to lead healthier lifestyles through numerous water sport and 

  2. To establish conditions for equal opportunities for development of water sports activities among youth.


The main outputs will be:


  • Constructed water center for children in Ghilad,
  • Elaborated technical documentation for closed swimming pool in Smederevo,
  • Raised awareness among youth and their parents about benefits which brings waters sports and healthier lifestyle.


Other outputs of this Action are: organized summer camps in which young people will experience life in a different way, through socializing with peers in nature, through sports competitions, volunteerism and the cultural exchange, exchange of experience among decision makers in order to review the needs of the youth and opportunities to overcome the problems.


The approach that we plan to make is to actively involve target groups and beneficiaries in implementation of above mentioned actions thru educational events, exchange of experience, summer camps, media campaign and the promotional materials that will be disseminated in the eligible area (Podunavski district and Timis county).


Project aims to motivate youth to dedicate them to education, sport and health way of life. It broadens their horizons through exploring different cultures and develops joint activities among students of similar age. This project will contribute to better networking between Podunavski District and Timis County, territories that are covered by this program. Also with implementation of project activities the basic water sports infrastructure will be provided. In particular young people on this territory will be better connected and motivate to developing joint water sports and others activities.  Joint action which will be implemented will consequently lead to the prevention of early school leaving and decrease the use of cigarettes drugs and alcohol among youth.



Project financing:


1) Total budget of Project is 829.000,20 EUR from what:


City of Smederevo: 434.869,05 EUR

Ghilad:  394.131,15 EUR

total eligible budget is 829.000,20 EUR (IPA II and co-financing of partners) from what:




          a. 704.650,16 EUR IPA, which represents 85 %

          b. 51.237,06
EUR Romanian national co-financing, which represents

   13 % of romanian partners budget  

          c. 7.882,62
EUR own contribution of Romanian partner, wich represents

    2 % from budget of Romanian partner (i)

          d. 65.230,36
EUR own contribution of Serbian partner, which represents

     15% of Serbian partners budget  


Total donation:


City of Smederevo: 369.638,69 EUR

Ghilad Minicipality: 335.011,47 EUR


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